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Motown and Didi (1984)


Check out this book cover! I found this book at my public library, yellowed pages and all. Published in 1984, this is classic Walter Dean Myers – Harlem, young love, drugs, violence, tragedy, young people trying to find their way, and an adult mentor. Love it!


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December 19, 2012 · 12:40 am

Handbook for Boys


Duke the barber and his buddies who hang out at his Harlem barber shop counsel teenagers Jimmy and Kevin about keeping their lives straight. Both boys have gotten into scrapes with the law, and the court has placed them in this mentorship as an alternative to juvenile detention.

Although a bit preachy at times, I could see this being used for a book study in a character education program or even in a health class. It shows us how WDM would like kids to be guided and advised in life.

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